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(more) Personal data

Name: KODAMA Hiroki (KODAMA is my family name; Hiroki is my given name.)
Sex: Male
Nationality: Japanese
Date of birth: Dec. 8, 1974
Place of Birth: Miyazaki, Japan
Blood type: O (In Japan, it is quite common to introduce one's blood type.)


Watching sport games

I like to watch sports, especially ball games (except golf).

Table games

I'm very much fond of playing games; such as bridge, monopoly, go and mahjong.


I learned the rules of birdge at my 2nd year of junior-high school. I played for serious competition during '93 to '99 as a member of the bridge club in Tokyo Univ. Nowadays, I play bridge just for fun.


I learned the rules of this game at the 3rd year of elemantary school. When I was in high school, I read a book written by Mr. HYAKUTA, a former world champion, to learn how to control the game. I have not played this game these days.


I played this game very seriously on my high school days. My team-mates and I won the 2nd place in the team competition of the all Japan high school go championship at 1990.


Mahjong is a chinese tile game, very simmilar to rummy, played by 4 person. This game is very familiar to Japanese people. I learned this game when I was 8-year-old.

Computer games

I play many kinds of computer games. Nowadays, I play windows free games; most of them are made in Japan.

Listen to music / Karaoke

I mainly listen to japanese music. I love to sing a song with karaoke; although In Europe it seems very difficult to find karaoke place. Here is my favourite songs; I choose only one song for each singer.

Simon & Garfunkel / The Sounds Of Silence (66/01/17)
MATSUTOYA Yumi / Kageriyuku heya (the room getting dark) (76/03/05)
Reimy / Hashiru soyokaze tachi e (dear breazes who are runnning) (89/10/25)
Jitterin' Jinn / Natsumatsuri (summer festival) (90/08/28)
MAKIHARA Nobuyuki / Himawari (the sunflower) (91/09/25)
Dreams Come True / Ano natsu no hanabi (the firework of that summer) (92/11/14)
OZAWA Kenji / Aishi aisare ikirunosa (love is what we need) (94/07/20)
Mr. Children / See Saw Game -- Yukan na koi no uta (a brave love song) -- (95/08/10)
Judy and Mary / Sobakasu (freckles) (96/02/19)
SHENA Ringo / Keikoku (Warning) (99/02/24)
Sentimantal Bus / Sunny Day Sunday (99/08/04)
aiko / Sakura no toki (the time of cherry blossom) (00/02/17)
Porno Graffitti / Music hour (??/??/??)
nobodyknows+ / Kokoro Odoru (??/??/??)
I also listen to game musics and musics uploaded on web.

My favourates

Singers / Bands SHENA Ringo, Reimy, Jitterin' Jinn, Dreams Come True, MATSUTOYA Yumi, OZAWA Kenji, MAKIHARA Nobuyuki, Simon & Garfunkel
Foods (Japanese) Fried Chicken, Curry & Rice with Cutlet, Domburis (= dish and rice in a same bowl), Makerel, Saury, (Japanese) Pears , Mikan (= Japanese table orange)
Tea Jasmine Tea, Apple Tea, Earl Grey
Alcohol Rum, Tequira
Games Bridge, Go, Monopoly, Mahjong
Computer Games Wizardry, Dragon Quest 2, Final Fantasy 5, Furai no Siren, Furai no Siren 2, Kamaitachi no Yoru, Everybody's GOLF 2
Sports to do Baseball
Sports to Watch American Football, Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, Basket Ball, Snooker
Movies The Usual Suspects, Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, West Side Story

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